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The Ultimate You Process

Its a really simple process… not really.


But it is a sequential process oh by golly fer sure. To get there take two rights and a left and ask for Bob. Would be super duper if it were this easy. I will do one better for you in the now of nows… I will distill it like a back woods Kentucky moonshiner but leave the cousins out of it.


Looking back on my life and seeing the steps I chose to take in order to be the one I am today – a highly modified human being compared to the original one neatly delivered by The Stork –  I see a pattern or process I underwent. Its really quite comical NOW when I look with matured and experienced eyes, the struggles and difficulties encountered. They all seemed and felt so real and damning and dubious and disgusting. The amount of pain and torture inflicted was utterly cruel and I know you relate in your life and its particular, if not bespoke, life issues.


We are so much alike.


And if I rolled over to die failing to arise to the challenge, then I would have failed and died. Many have and it is understandable for their challenges in this lifetime are and were so much more terrible than mine. I empathize… it is something I do so very well.


But I decided to stay and face the ugliness and took a beating… a certain level of beating for which I graduated well above to nestle in a place of Personal or Self-Mastery. I became the Ultimate Version of Me and I recommend you do the same. I’ll help.


The breakdown or distillation is as follows and it is applicable to any lifetime or life-long challenge or any smaller one, perhaps a relationship or financial or health issue. You are in the sh*t because you are carrying around with you an incomplete equation… holding it like it it complete and when you “enter” the ring, the beating comes because you are ill-prepared to take on the reality of another’s well earned and polished ring or stadium of Mastery. You lack something; power, protection or leverage, experience, stamina, mental clarity or willpower. The bottom of the bottom lines is you lack KNOWLEDGE.


Say it all together now class; “Yes Mr. Instructor and Master Knighton Warbeck. We all lack knowledge.”


Excellent Mr. Burns!


To gain the knowledge we must go through the gauntlet. This gauntlet is of course transformational and here is the process of acquiring the knowledge to be undoubtedly The Ultimate Version of Yourself.


You have:


Hidden Potential – something you don’t know you have

Natural Talent – something you know you have

Observed Talent – others recognize this in you or as you

Lifetime Challenge – a problem or flaw you need to overcome

Deficit – you overcompensate to make up for your weakness or lack

Transformation – heat and pressure turn your coal into diamonds

Refine – raw product (diamonds) is cut or faceted and polished

Ultimate You – the finished process where you take the new “You” to market


This is The Ultimate You Process.


During this process you acquire knowledge or data. The reason for the pain and suffering is because you lack information, knowledge or “data”. You say to yourself and others, “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know the answers. I don’t have the solution.”


And you are RIGHT!


The problems or challenges are for you to acquire data. Seems we are withheld data or its what we are here to do – to get some. If we knew everything, how the hell can we pain and suffer? Am I right? So we must master the data gathering process. Recognize – Acquire – Acknowledge – Accept – Apply information or data. Why? To Know.


First, we don’t know what the hell we are doing then after we get abused and fXXXed, we figure it out by becoming smarter or in the least, wiser. This is the normal route to acquire data.


Its all so ridiculous.


Your Bridge To Mastery will help to complete the incomplete equation and gives you that precious end result data, without going on through to the end result. It saves you from getting further unnecessarily abused and fXXXed.


Isn’t that a good thing???




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