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The Relief Axiom


Sometimes we need to state the obvious, due to intense genius or unmistakable stupidity. Sometimes we do this for the mere fact that humour or some animal of a moral support, breeds instant relief. And then we’d have it right there on the spot; a relieving relief Axiom.


In both content and context will this Axiom supply us with a strong pedigree of relief both in theory – to follow through trusting the words of such deep wisdom – and in stone due to the madness one would dare draw up under, and at times, brutal circumstances.


Maybe its the only double Axiom to note in history recent or ancient.


These words of comfort can come at anytime and to anyone suffering through a great pain. Be prepared for a look of discontent or a frown of disapproval, or even a glimmer of a perplexed smile that flows from the silliness of such words, as you deliver them in a perfectly executed nonchalance of supreme confidence, in the validity of such an Axiom.


Yes, as you lend a “figurative” helping hand to aid the distressed, you WILL be King.


And here we have it, the only double Axiom and trust me, its no parlour trick;


“You’ll feel a lot better when it quits hurting.”


This my friend is The Axiom of Relief.


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May 2022

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