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The Importance of Mastery: Part 3

And what information would Trump give me in order for me to attain financial Mastery or more financial Mastery in my life? His words would be very short, sweet and simple:


“Knighton, you need to pay more attention to (financial) details. Also, you need to be an excellent conversationalist, a precise communicator. You need a definite or clear-cut purpose. Overcome your fears and avoid falling into arguments. Your financial success relies on your ability to develop a precise mind and one that identifies minute details and changes. For you its about precision. Don’t be sloppy. ” 


And what information would Mr. X give me in order for me to attain overall Mastery in my life? His words would also be short, sweet and simple… even more powerful than Trump:


“Knighton, you need to plan. You need to make plans. You need to organize your thoughts and ideas and strategies. This means being mentally constructive. Write them down on paper. Make lists, charts and diagrams. Turn a room in your home into a “War Room” and fill the walls with these lists and charts and diagrams.  You need to first build it in your mind and then execute these plans in the real world. There is so much information you have access to, so many experiences to pull from, and they need to be organized. If you don’t do this, you will be forever lost, swimming around in the sea of ideas in your mind.”


Perhaps this is why I like the following quote so much:


“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”





When I discovered The Bridge to Mastery, my life changed… everything changed. Here is what happened and is why I said some kind of “Activation” takes place instantly.


At the time I made this discovery, I was suffering from a severe lower back pull for just over a month. If you have ever had an unkind association to a lower back injury, you know it is debilitating. For 3 years I had been unable to install iTunes onto my main computer. Tried everything under the sun and just could not get it to install and I am no computer dummy. For over a year I was unable to install the latest version of Skype on my main computer also. Here are 3 events that were limiting me and causing substantial frustration.


I then make the Bridge to Mastery (Mr. X’s words of wisdom) discovery. I simply think about this missing link. I think about the words. I think about it. I ponder it and let the information flow and seep into my thoughts, and then simulate the actions but going into the future and applying the words using my imagination.




And there I had it… the key missing link. It hit my chest like a shock wave and trickled all throughout my body. First there was a psychological effect, then an emotional effect, then physiological effect and they were all instant. I had a strong reaction to the information. And then the results came rolling in like the Ice Cream truck rolling in a sweltering neighborhood on a particular nasty hot summer day, all to the immature delight of children, kids, and rug rats of all ages, shapes and sizes.


I had a sudden urge to twist my torso to the right while placing my left elbow on my right knee for leverage. While sitting in my office chair I felt and heard a loud “pop” or “crack”. It was my lower back and pelvis shifting. I experienced a tremendous release and relief of pain and discomfort. And there is was… I no longer had a pulled lower back. 5 trips to the chiropractor failed to grant me this.


Then I had this “urge” again but to reinstall iTunes. This urge came from out of the blue. And because it was so odd – of the out of the blue type – I knew it had value and I followed this “intuitive” push. Within 10 minutes iTunes was installed on my computer. Just a few short minutes later, I had updated Skype to the most current version as well. In both instances of software installs, I KNEW EXACTLY what to do to correct the install issues that plagued and dumbfounded me for 3 years and 1 year respectively.


The Bridge to Mastery information triggered workable solutions to issues that were limiting my progression, and when these solutions were easily applied, increased my power, strength and control (Mastery) in my life… instantly.


I then began to plan very aggressively; really sort and track and organize and create lists and strategies for my goals, dreams, business, budgets, ideas, concepts and everything else and was met with a clarity, compounded with a super delicious confidence, I had been missing for a very long time. Up until this time I was keeping things between my ears and, was overwhelmed by such a stupidity.


The Bridge to My Mastery did one really compelling thing… it squashed my pride. Pride got in the way of writing things down. I didn’t want to be “one of those people” who has to continually write everything down and have their life be all about lists. “Well guess what Knighty… perhaps these people are just like you and discovered what you just discovered, and now plan and organize and write lists as their main tool or Bridge to Mastery.”


Really stupid of me… yeah?


What was so very interesting for me was the fact that I had done this for clients for over a decade. This is what I do; translate intuitive solution images into workable plans and strategies for the purposes of business rescue, recovery, and efficiency. I am excellent at this. However, I did not do this for myself like I did with others. It was like I turned this off for myself but, thanks to the discovery, I turned it on for myself and changed my life instantly.


The more organized I am the more power, strength and control I have in my life and over circumstances. I run at least 3 Plans (A, B and C) in all I do. I make incredible lists and love doing budget lists. The more planning I do the more flexibility I have and here is the key point to this; it enables me to keep the energy flowing or circulating thus, giving me OPTIONS. It makes me efficient. But even more than this, the flexibility and the options and the process of keeping my thoughts SEPARATE, makes and keeps me more CONNECTED to knowing/intuition or in short, the ultimate power one can have. It makes me better at what I do, and what I do and have done, is the reason your eyes are reading these words.



End of Part 3

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