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The Importance of Mastery: Part 2

Before we get to the 13 bridges of Mastery, let us talk about “in the future”.


Let us use an example featuring a public figure whom most of us are aware of; Donald Trump.


We will no doubt recognize Trump as a Master of real estate but let us agree he is a Master of business. Let us now agree that we wish to also be a Master of business and Trump is our mentor.


Trump has reached, earned and attained a level or THE level of Mastery regarding business. This is a level you also wish to attain but are not there yet. There is a distance or gap between where you are at now regarding your understanding and ability to execute proficiently in business, and where you wish and need to be. Because Trump IS already a Master, he easily and clearly sees where and how and why you are not yet at his level of business Mastery. Simple, right?


This is said of every Master and their apprentice.


Trump would be able to identify for you what areas have the largest Mastery gap, and how exactly and what exactly you need to do to close or “bridge” this gap. Correct? He would identify numerous areas and provide remedies or solutions (coaching, mentoring and instruction) direct or guide you to close this gap, or to bridge this distance to Mastery.


Pretty straightforward.


Trump could also identify 1 key area or the most important area for you to correct or develop, in order for you to make the most drastic or rapid changes, allowing you to achieve the results you desire efficiently.


For example, Trump could say;


“Knighton, I see you are excellent in many areas and it is impressive however, I do see one particular area that if addressed and keenly developed, will allow you to make truly outstanding progress in your goals of becoming a Master in business. Work on this 1 single area and it will do more for your Mastery development than all others put together.”


Wouldn’t this be cool if Trump was helping you to achieve business and financial Mastery, and he has this suggestion or advice ready to deliver to you?


Let us expand this Mastery mentor concept further. Let the mentor or Mastery coach be a Master in ALL AREAS of Life. Some of you would equate this to God or a Creator and this is fine. Some might call this Being Buddha or some of you might have an image of who or what this Being is. That’s great. Let us use this as it pleases you. I will call this being “Mr. X”.


Instead of Trump mentoring you to be a Master of business, Mr. X will be mentoring you to be a Master of Life. And what if Mr. X had the 1 key piece of information/advice/suggestion to immediately set you and exact course to attaining Mastery in your Life?


Well “He” does.


And what will this very special and bespoke piece of information do for and to you? Well, because it is so “special” it will turn on or activate “something” inside you. It will direct and guide you and provide you with not only an understanding of what it is you need to do, to have Mastery in your Life, but it will also give you the ACTION PLAN to make it happen. So, two things happen at once.


Actually, three things will happen at once. The third thing is the Mastery process will begin to begin. You will recognize and feel the process transforming you. You will be “hit” with a knowing and with this knowing, you know that the special information is accurate and true and know that it IS what is required for you to become a Master of your Life, and do so, without even putting it into action. No kidding.  This is how special it is.


And the moment you put the special information into use or apply it, you will instantly feel the sensation of Mastery at work and play in your life. I use the word “play” because it feels as though you now have the rules of the game of Life, and can now successful play the game of Life, to a winning outcome.


The Mastery gap is really like a lock to a door that keeps your full potential hidden away from you. Behind the locked door is the missing “link” or “secret” that when discovered and applied, gives you the complete recipe for you to have Mastery, or in the very least, more Mastery in your Life.


The special information unlocking the door to the secret chamber of “Knighton’s Missing Link or Data”, or Your Missing Link, is the BRIDGE to Mastery.


When you have Mastery in your life, you have more command, control and power in all areas in your life. You become a person with more power and control and strength.


Strength to say no. Control to protect you from being dominated. Power to move ahead with confidence.


Your Bridge to Mastery is information that takes you into the future and has you “see” yourself as a Master of your Life, and know it will allow you to be just this.



End of Part 2

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