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The Importance of Mastery: Part 1

You might have it in one or two areas of your life. It is possible you very well could have it in 3, and quite possibly for sure without a doubt, have it in 4 areas of your life. If you have it in 5 or more areas in your life then we better get the Smithsonian on the phone because all of us really should and need to take a good look at you.


In America, if anything is good, I mean really, really good, to the point of truly exceptional – even mind blowing – and has made a significant mark on American culture and history, it is placed on display with the utmost and highest regard, respect and admiration, in The Smithsonian Museum.


Shall we visit you there???


Mastery, in my book, is the ability to instruct an action, based on the experience of repetition, due to extreme proficiency.


This is above and beyond “teaching”. One step below Mastery is teaching. Teaching is theory. Mastery is hands on instruction and the physical application of the theory. Here the difference is easy to differentiate.


Herman is a Teacher. He is a Professor.

Dorian is an Instructor. He is The Man. Dorian is KING.


The Instructor can do both; teach AND do or teach WHILE doing. Its called “showing”.


You; “Herman, can you show me how to do this?”

Herman; “Excuse me?”


You, “Dorian, will you show me how to do this?”

Dorian; “I can and I will. Right now, let’s go.”


Huge difference. See it?


At a young age you learned to tie your shoelaces and then, after numerous or even incredible repetition using different kinds of shoelaces via different lengths, colours, shapes, widths, materials, and in bright light conditions, low light conditions, in the complete blackness of dark, when your shoelaces were damp, wet, dirty, slippery, greasy, yucky, slimy, frozen, frayed, and laces of uneven lengths. You learned to tie them under stress or being late for work, while hurried out the door, while intoxicated, impaired, off balance, depressed, while confused, and suffering from anger, from intense joy and happiness, sorrow and crippling grief, sideways, upside down, in foreign countries, in a swimming pool, in freezing weather, in a rainstorm, hailstorm, snowstorm, under a scorching desert sun or a cooling moonlight, at the top of a mountain or at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, half-way up the Great Pyramid, 35,000 feet in the air, and even sometimes with only one hand. And of course you tied the shoelaces of the wee young and the way old.


This makes you a Master. It is but one action or activity you have mastered. Time, patience, action, teaching and instruction were all part of this “Shoelace Mastery” equation. When you slipped on your very first shoe, there was a distance or gap between where you were in this mastery equation, and where you wanted and needed and would be in the future, as a Shoelace Tying Master.


This distance or gap needs to be “bridged”. When it comes to your life, we clearly see a bridge to cross in order for you to be the Master of your life. But it isn’t just one bridge…. oh gosh no. There are of course many different areas in your life WORTH having Mastery over. This means more than one bridge to close the distance between where you currently are in relationships, health, in your thinking and doing, in your finances and so forth.


More than one bridge? Heck ya.  There are precisely 13.



End of Part 1

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