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The Coffee Trap: Part 3

Greek Goddess


So now you are thinking or even expecting to read about “The Greek Goddess”. Nah, we first need to talk about Fast Freddie.


And let me tell you, when I do talk about The Greek Goddess – and me being only 16 years old – it will be worth the wait… WELL worth the wait, for it was a fantasy scene out of a fantasy movie and was perhaps and still is perhaps, one of the most pleasurably shocking moments of my life… even today. Ahhhhhh, the perplexifying innocence of youth!


Now now we shall discuss “Freddie” and with it, a slouchy emotional let down experience even for me, the author, who transitions from the ripe peach juiciness of that very moment – that moment of inner-male-mid-puberty-sanctumhood vastly and eagerly shared and equally enjoyed by all young males who forsake the whisper of such things to non-outsiders (females) for fear of tragic corruption of the pristine essence of that which DEFINES the young male as he makes inroads to manhood by the very graces of Life and its workings, and fully functioning mechanism of FATE, rounded out in the smoothest of ways by DESTINY.


I really do need to usher in the calm and accept monetary exchange value for the words to be written about The Greek Goddess for it is too sacred, too sweet, to sublime, to be squandered on the blind, deaf and dumb, and those without testosterone, without perspective that testosterone encourages and supports, and of course those with religion in the veins. It is too valuable a Life experience to be shared or even hinted at, to the flat, inhibited and wasteful of the preciousness, as it is simply and nothing but the spark and essence of all that is for Man and MEN and those becoming these be it a happening of a millisecond, single night or a weekend, or if lucky beyond words, an entire summer. You need to understand that to understand is to have and to hold forever, and it cannot, it may not be pried from cold death hands or a burning heart of desire, or even a typhoonal-lust, for it is the shelter of shelters for which and by which a male and Man and MEN are initiated into the very thing they have been specifically been choose for, so very long before birth, carefully selected to be the flag holder and torch barer now and forever more in all after lives.


All we can do now is wait. The time must be right and just, to have the description of that event come out of silence; break out of the vault of memory – a place that has kept “all things going” to this point… heart beating, lungs expanding and collapsing, eyes moving, muscles firing, and blood most certainly pumping and endlessly pumping. Shhhhh… now we must rest and let it happen just as the event happened that gloriously delicious summer day a short 28 years ago.


And then there was Freddie.


End of Part 3

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