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The Axiom of Understanding

Three people interact for any number of reasons.Two of the three are of an acquaintance or of a shared need or interest. After a brief or extended amount of time within this 3-way interaction, it is discovered, and by no measuremental institution or authority, by the 2-party’s own accord, that the 3rd person is an idiot.


What shall they do?



It is a scene often encountered by the many ways of Life. Could be the uncovering of a very bad deal or a superbly sublime one and in essence, it is the revelation of a secret. Knowing this, we could probably most likely ya fer sure add an addendum to this Axiom, and this would be centered around the choice or learned idea of Maturity regarding the idiotic-ness or the unbelievable great of the goodness.


You see, when two people of maturity and a countable measure of wisdom relate, they know what is expected of their interactions. We could say there is a shared notion or shared exercise of “etiquette”.


You have heard this from your mother, no doubt, in the form of “Its not nice to stare” when facing (pardon the pun) the obvious . You have of course also heard it from your mother if raised in the Western world, “If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all“. Well said Mom. Politeness is and always will be Her strength.


Perhaps we could insert and replace “Understanding” in the Axiom headline with “Expediency” as the Axiom of Understanding “waste not, want not” for the act of not acting saves time and resources.


And we do wish to move ahead, move forward with efficiency and without plunder and its grief to follow. For this reason and more of similar reasons, we show off our kindergarten graduation accomplishment by partaking in, as often as necessary, the practice and mastery and skilled execution of this Axiom;


“What is Understood, need not be said”.


And there we have it, The Axiom of Understanding.

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