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The Coffee Axiom

It became apparent to me long, so long ago, the real reason for the consumption – the worldwide consumption – of the drink coffee.   It didn’t take a gaggle of propaganda or even some information to blind me or coerce my sensibility (singular due to my young age and all its inexperiences) to see […]

The Smack Axiom

When we wish to say bad things about peoples and really do so with descriptive and dramatic flare, and sometimes with a touch of theatre, all the while being colourful with the delivery, we are said to be talking “smack”.   Here is a lesser example;   “Knighton Warbeck is a very, very bad man.” […]

Knighton’s Existence Axiom

This is for the open minded; those without a preoccupation for limitation, denial and self-perversion of interpersonal, rigid compulsion for corruption… all for one’s preservation of indecency.   This is for the brave. Turn way if it is a must or face the day like the Master Trooper:   “If it does not exist, it […]

The Axiom of Experience

  Experience is a different teacher because he gives the test first, and the lesson afterwards.   This is The Experience Axiom.

Caught With Your Pants Down

  If we encounter a set back, we stop moving forward and come to a state of rest. This is 1 unit of “movement” or 1 move.   Then we go backwards due to the setback. This is 2 units or 2 moves.   We then recover from going backwards meaning we now stop backwards […]

The Until Axiom

If your life is going well, and I sincerely hope that it is, then a change or change is bad.   If your life is going poorly, and I sincerely hope it is not, then a change or change is good.   But the difference between the good and the bad, and the bad and […]

Eugene’s Axiom Part 1

Interesting guy this Eugene and at the time, wise beyond our collective years. “Ours” is referring to the Turks and Punks in the golf course lunch room consisting of everyone who wasn’t Eugene.   We were all so green and sopping tidal-wave-tsunami-wet behind the ears and everything else. He was of course experienced and in […]

L.L.’s Axiom

Also coming soon…

Delbert’s Axiom

He was a farm boy growing up in Saskatchewan; the heart of the prairies in central Canada. But by now he was in his 60’s, had grey hair and walked with a largely noticeable limp. That limped leg, what was left of it, was atrophied due to limited use   Like most farmers who limped, […]

The Colonel’s Other Axiom

I never considered my father a wise man. He was quiet and never really had much to say about anything when at home. He did tell me a story of a fellow military man (a friend)  who’s teenage son, one day, sat in the middle of the street outside their house, poured gasoline all over […]

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