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The Importance of Mastery: Part 2

Before we get to the 13 bridges of Mastery, let us talk about “in the future”.   Let us use an example featuring a public figure whom most of us are aware of; Donald Trump.   We will no doubt recognize Trump as a Master of real estate but let us agree he is a […]

A Landline is Your Lifeline

Coming soon…

The Importance of Mastery: Part 1

You might have it in one or two areas of your life. It is possible you very well could have it in 3, and quite possibly for sure without a doubt, have it in 4 areas of your life. If you have it in 5 or more areas in your life then we better get […]

The Relief Axiom

  Sometimes we need to state the obvious, due to intense genius or unmistakable stupidity. Sometimes we do this for the mere fact that humour or some animal of a moral support, breeds instant relief. And then we’d have it right there on the spot; a relieving relief Axiom.   In both content and context […]

The Axiom of Understanding

Three people interact for any number of reasons.Two of the three are of an acquaintance or of a shared need or interest. After a brief or extended amount of time within this 3-way interaction, it is discovered, and by no measuremental institution or authority, by the 2-party’s own accord, that the 3rd person is an […]

The Coffee Trap: Part 4

    And then there was… “Freddie”. By now this character of Belgian origins stands in the way of The Greek Goddess. He is, at this moment, a buffer and a tease and a scheduled procrastination, and he may even be a shelter to shield you from the simple truth that distinguishes European women from […]

The Coffee Trap: Part 3

  So now you are thinking or even expecting to read about “The Greek Goddess”. Nah, we first need to talk about Fast Freddie.   And let me tell you, when I do talk about The Greek Goddess – and me being only 16 years old – it will be worth the wait… WELL worth […]

The Coffee Trap: Part 2

It was 1988 and there I was; 16 years old, in a distant country, making money, taking care of the recreation center, mixing with my first true foreigners, and drinking this utterly disgusting roasted concoction of lord knows what, out of Styrofoam cups, laced with, in the very least, 4 spoonfuls of white sugar, and […]

Eugene’s Axiom Part 2

  And then there was Frank. Ohhhh Boy. You ready for this?   Frank, Frank, Frank… whatever are we gunna do wich you? He was a man large of life. Tall, a shade over 6’0″ perhaps closer to 6’1″, in his late 60’s or early 70’s, full head of silvery white hair, athletic build, and […]

The Coffee Trap: Part 1

His name was Peds and he was British. We was in the British army and the bastard got me drinking coffee at 16 years old.   But what was worse? The disgusting roasted brew from way over there in the world or all the sugar I put in it to make it palatable?   And […]

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