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Got er’ going way back in April of 2013. T’was the next step in my evolution in achieving personal and professional Mastery, and transforming into the Ultimate Version of myself.


Had to face a “fear” and did so with help and assistance and here I am 3 and a half years later and some 85 shows under my Mastery Belt.


I speak about the journey in this video when the founder of the station passed away:



At the time of the video and Dave’s passing, we had done 43 shows together. At the time of this post, I have done an additional 43+ shows now going solo. Well! Goodness! Thanks Dave!!


I invite you to tune into the show every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday of each month from 10 am to 11 am PST USA time. You can tune is here:


I just completed a really wonderfully terrifically delicious 10 part series called “The Three Phases of Life”. Before this I presented a stunningly breathtakingly gorgeous 11 part series called “The Mastery Difference”.


This 11 part Mastery Difference series is the precursor to “Your Bridge To Mastery”. It is actually the same and I renamed it… liking the name “Your Bridge To Mastery” better. The 11 parts has me discuss the Overall Mastery of each date of birth.


I will provide links to the first 3 parts of this revealing 11 part series in the next blog post.


Stay tuned!

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