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Knighton Warbeck Radio: The Mastery Difference Show Part 1

As promised here is the 1st show of an 11 part series called, “The Mastery Difference”. The content of these shows is the foundation of “Your Bridge To Mastery”. I will provide the first 3 shows of this 11 part series to you starting today.


I speak about the incomplete equation or missing link, or what some would say is the other half to having more power, strength and control in your life and over your life – more Mastery or some semblance of it.


It is a real JOY to teach, train, share and instruct these finer points that permit someone to automatically and instantly get on the right path to figuring out the madness that we all commonly agree is “Life”.


The knowledge and wisdom passed on to me by my mentors, captured in the upcoming “Your Bridge To Mastery”, is what my original mentor called, “Very High”. When he would say this (the retired elite New York City corporation lawyer) he was referring to the information coming from the highest or holiest “place”. This place I always saw as a rather special “library in the sky” – metaphorically speaking –  and the section by which the information was extracted was of a very special section… a place only the most pure and genuine and worthy could enter.


When I present information/knowledge on my radio show or here in this blog, or in the upcoming “Your Bridge To Mastery” members only site, the information is classified as sophisticated. It is very advanced and by this I mean when you apply even 1 millimeter of its entirety, mountains will move and heavens will shift. All you need to do is “think about it”… just ponder the words. The more you ponder and think about it, the more it makes sense and then a “shift” begins to occur.


It is of such a snazzy and dazzling beauty and sweetness, it might take a little time to sink in, much like a Grandfather’s dear words of advice might take 10 and even 20 years to be fully understood and completely realized, and of course be thankfully appreciated. THIS is what drew me in when I was granted access to the original origins of this library in the sky (secret/hidden knowledge and teachings) way back in 1999, and it took many years of radical development and a tyranny of intense transformational events, to prepare me for the immense power and sacred sweetness of the knowledge to be grasped and applied.


For this and these reasons I sincerely ask you listen intently to each of the first 3 shows over the coming weeks… to pay attention to what I convey for it is your preparation, similar to the one I had mentioned above, before you participate in acquiring more power, strength and control over and in your life (Mastery), when I open the doors and invite you to become a member, and take exacting action aligning, combining and synchronizing your inner resources via “Your Bridge To Mastery, so you too will become THE Ultimate Version of Yourself.


Yes… I will take a breath and while I do, click on the link below and save the audio file to your computer, Part 1 of The Mastery Difference show on Knighton Warbeck Radio… the precursor to the upcoming “Your Bridge To Mastery” membership site.


From my lips to your ears… enjoy!



And Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my fellow Canadians. Tonight we feast!



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