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Bio: I help people to overcome their challenges and get through their blocks by Attuning, Synchronizing, and Harmonizing them with the Magical Flow of Life. I assist them to become more aware of their opportunities by developing their Intuition so they may find their voice, discover their Purpose, and live it with Confidence. I assist people in the planning their Life in rhythm with their natural cycles for every area of Life. I show you the Key Signposts on your own personal Road MAP where there are key moments to start new projects, relationships, make important changes, close much needed doors, sprout new ideas, and see them through to their highest success. I show you how to get the Maximum out of your Life by taking advantage of Key moments in your Life because you are in Rhythm and in Harmony with the Supportiveness of the Universe behind you. I put people like you on their road to Success, Fulfillment, Achievement & Growth. By showing you your Road MAP of Life and how to Flow with your own Natural Rhythms and Cycles of prosperity and abundance, you become Attuned and in Sync with the Magic of Life. I am able to assist you through a wide variety of Revolutionary Products and Unique Services all Tailored specifically to meet your Personal needs and Exceed your expectations. I overcame a 28 year battle with my greatest challenge and in the process I discovered the Magic of Life. I suffered from a horrible speech impediment called stuttering from the age of 6 to the age of 34. In order to survive and do my best to minimize the daily damaging effects of humiliation from not being able to express myself verbally, I created my own system of speech. I trained and developed and accessed different part of my brain, different parts of my heart, different parts of my will power, and of course my mind, to make it through Life and function like a normal person who has the gift of fluent speech. For 28 years I searched and searched and searched for the meaning of Life and the answers to win my war against my stuttering. I had only one true desire and goal in life and this was to be able to speak. What I discovered along the way I share with others such as this blog.

Posts by Knighton:

    9 and Nine

    September 9th, 2017

    9 months since the accident AND now 9+ months recovery for a torn rotator cuff.


    Concussed and cut into. Is the worst over? Let’s talk in 9 months…










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    Where’d My Marbles Go?

    April 10th, 2017

    December 10, 2016 – 7:05 am

    This date changed my life. Serious vehicle crash. Mind and body smashed.

    4 months to the day and still struggling to make it all work. Neck, shoulders, back and knee, all more than well done. Severe concussion blesses me with amnesia, memory loss and limited cognitive function; headaches, brain fog, slurring words when I can find them.

    Have not updated this blog, now you know why.

    In rehab now working it all through. If only I could remember what I ate for breakfast – everyday the same.

    Looking more and more like 12 months to recover.

    Thanks for sticking around. Will do my best to heal and post when I am able.


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    Knighton Warbeck Radio: The Mastery Difference Show Part 3

    November 13th, 2016

    Here is Part 3 of the 11 Part series called, “The Mastery Difference” from Knighton Warbeck Radio.


    Part 3:


    In this part 3 I really begin to get into what exactly is “The Mastery Difference” and how I discovered it and then applied it in my Life and, how it really REALLY helped me to understand who I am and how best to MAXIMIZE “me”. I instantly achieved more power, strength and control in and over my life.


    I then renamed/evolved this “Mastery Difference” 11 Part series to “Your Bridge To Mastery”.


    Take a listen to this final 3rd part and be ready to join the Membership Site that will be launched November 23, 2016. Inside the Members Only Site you will be delivered all 13 parts of your very own (personalized) Bridge To Mastery over 12 month or 53 weeks… with the final week telling you what your Destiny or Life’s Purpose is.


    Stay tuned… content delivery schedule is coming right up.


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    Knighton Warbeck Radio: The Mastery Difference Show Part 2

    October 30th, 2016


    And now we have Part 2 of the 11 Part “The Mastery Different” Series from Knighton Warbeck Radio.


    I will share just the first 3 parts of this 11 part series and this 2nd part is the build up before the real meat of the information. The “meat” is when I start to get into the valuable and useful information in part 3 and this is the nice introduction to “Your Bridge To Mastery”.


    We are all looking for a shortcut or a way to lessen our mountainous path of obstacles to achieve our goals and to simply find happiness, be it inside of us or out in our external world. This Part 2 is warming you up for Part 3, which is seductively and beautifully warming you up for “Your Bridge To Mastery” 12 month membership site.


    Here is Part 2:


    There is no true power in anything unless you first understand this thing. This is The “True Power Axiom”.


    To Maximize and I mean to fully maximize Your Bridge To Mastery, so you will have more power, strength and control in and over your life, you honestly and sincerely need to understand the background, basis and foundation for which Your Bridge To Mastery was discovered and developed. The first 3 parts of “The Mastery Difference” radio show series will GIVE you this understanding and do so on the Silver Platter of your chair.


    Happy Halloween to everyone and to everyone… a Good Scary Night!



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    Knighton Warbeck Radio: The Mastery Difference Show Part 1

    October 10th, 2016

    As promised here is the 1st show of an 11 part series called, “The Mastery Difference”. The content of these shows is the foundation of “Your Bridge To Mastery”. I will provide the first 3 shows of this 11 part series to you starting today.


    I speak about the incomplete equation or missing link, or what some would say is the other half to having more power, strength and control in your life and over your life – more Mastery or some semblance of it.


    It is a real JOY to teach, train, share and instruct these finer points that permit someone to automatically and instantly get on the right path to figuring out the madness that we all commonly agree is “Life”.


    The knowledge and wisdom passed on to me by my mentors, captured in the upcoming “Your Bridge To Mastery”, is what my original mentor called, “Very High”. When he would say this (the retired elite New York City corporation lawyer) he was referring to the information coming from the highest or holiest “place”. This place I always saw as a rather special “library in the sky” – metaphorically speaking –  and the section by which the information was extracted was of a very special section… a place only the most pure and genuine and worthy could enter.


    When I present information/knowledge on my radio show or here in this blog, or in the upcoming “Your Bridge To Mastery” members only site, the information is classified as sophisticated. It is very advanced and by this I mean when you apply even 1 millimeter of its entirety, mountains will move and heavens will shift. All you need to do is “think about it”… just ponder the words. The more you ponder and think about it, the more it makes sense and then a “shift” begins to occur.


    It is of such a snazzy and dazzling beauty and sweetness, it might take a little time to sink in, much like a Grandfather’s dear words of advice might take 10 and even 20 years to be fully understood and completely realized, and of course be thankfully appreciated. THIS is what drew me in when I was granted access to the original origins of this library in the sky (secret/hidden knowledge and teachings) way back in 1999, and it took many years of radical development and a tyranny of intense transformational events, to prepare me for the immense power and sacred sweetness of the knowledge to be grasped and applied.


    For this and these reasons I sincerely ask you listen intently to each of the first 3 shows over the coming weeks… to pay attention to what I convey for it is your preparation, similar to the one I had mentioned above, before you participate in acquiring more power, strength and control over and in your life (Mastery), when I open the doors and invite you to become a member, and take exacting action aligning, combining and synchronizing your inner resources via “Your Bridge To Mastery, so you too will become THE Ultimate Version of Yourself.


    Yes… I will take a breath and while I do, click on the link below and save the audio file to your computer, Part 1 of The Mastery Difference show on Knighton Warbeck Radio… the precursor to the upcoming “Your Bridge To Mastery” membership site.


    From my lips to your ears… enjoy!




    And Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my fellow Canadians. Tonight we feast!



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    Knighton Warbeck Radio

    October 6th, 2016

    Got er’ going way back in April of 2013. T’was the next step in my evolution in achieving personal and professional Mastery, and transforming into the Ultimate Version of myself.


    Had to face a “fear” and did so with help and assistance and here I am 3 and a half years later and some 85 shows under my Mastery Belt.


    I speak about the journey in this video when the founder of the station passed away:



    At the time of the video and Dave’s passing, we had done 43 shows together. At the time of this post, I have done an additional 43+ shows now going solo. Well! Goodness! Thanks Dave!!


    I invite you to tune into the show every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday of each month from 10 am to 11 am PST USA time. You can tune is here:



    I just completed a really wonderfully terrifically delicious 10 part series called “The Three Phases of Life”. Before this I presented a stunningly breathtakingly gorgeous 11 part series called “The Mastery Difference”.


    This 11 part Mastery Difference series is the precursor to “Your Bridge To Mastery”. It is actually the same and I renamed it… liking the name “Your Bridge To Mastery” better. The 11 parts has me discuss the Overall Mastery of each date of birth.


    I will provide links to the first 3 parts of this revealing 11 part series in the next blog post.


    Stay tuned!

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    Project 120 Mph

    October 4th, 2016

    I failed to reach my potential as a hockey player when, for various reasons, I turned my back on a promising career as a professional hockey player at age 17.


    It is my greatest regret.


    I was engineered to play hockey. Size, strength, explosive power, lightning fast reflexes, endurance, on ice vision and awareness, exceptional hand-eye coordination, strong propensity to commit physical brutality, and one hell of a hard shot. I had it all.


    Time passed and after a 23 year no-go for on ice play, I sparked the fire and heated the forge and got back into it. Upon my return to Canada from Singapore in 2011, I stopped by the local sporting good store on the way home from the airport and bought a snazzy pair of Easton skates. Cheap ones at that coming in at only $400. The best ones are $1000. A few days later I rekindled my love for the sport.


    By stopping at 17, I never reached my full potential in hockey. I knew I had what it took to play professional but the one area of my game that left me curious was my shot, more specifically my slap shot.


    Around the time I stopping playing, the hardest (fasted) shot in the world was just over 100 mph. To compare this figure with another sport – baseball – a 100 mph slap shot is the equivalent to a 102 mph fastball in baseball. Few can do it.


    I knew my shot was hard. Goalies and players and coaches all told me so over and over again. Now, some 23 years later at the age of 40, I began my journey down the road of reaching my highest potential as a hockey player, but also with that of discovering what is truly my full potential of my shot; just how hard can I shoot a hockey puck.


    Technology of hockey sticks has changed dramatically. Sticks are no longer wood and $20. They are now carbon and $250. Over the last 4.5 years of “skating” I have spent around $4000 on composite/carbon hockey sticks to find the right stick for me. The purpose? To maximized the velocity of my slap shot and record its speed.


    My results?


    At the age of 43, I shot a 100 mph slap shot. To put this in perspective, I have officially one of the hardest shots ever in the history of the game of hockey. Actually, the speed is 100.xx mph. The radar gun I bought doesn’t read in tenths of a second so, my shot could have been 100.9 mph.


    The record for hardest shot in the NHL is 108.8 mph.

    The fastest fastball in the MLB is 106 mph.

    I shot 100.xx mph.


    And I am not done. I know I have more in the tank. I honestly believe I can shoot 105 mph. What makes me say this? I have not reached my full potential in;

    1. Hockey specific skating;  stride, flexibility, balance, agility, stance and technique
    2. Shooting technique; balance, posture, positioning
    3. Skate blade; rocker radius, radius of hollow (sharpening style). skate boot fit
    4. Stick construction; blade curve, blade length, shaft length, flex profile, kick profile, blade lie angle, shaft size and thickness
    5. Overall body conditioning, strength and power


    To maximize my full potential of my shot, I will work diligently in all above areas over the next 6 months of the 2016/17 season. I will purchase a new radar gun that measures down to the tenth of a mph. Towards the end of last season, I really connected with the puck using a new stick and blade combination and was sure I shot 102 mph… thousands of shots has me accurately guess the speed of the puck. only to have the radar malfunction at that exact moment. So… 102 is possible and so is 105.


    I started a Facebook page to track and record and document my Hockey Mastery journey. You will notice I am all about the details via my ultra-precise mind. Slight changes yield large and noticeable results for me.


    You will find numerous posts and videos highlighting my progress over 2 seasons so far, as well as photos and shooting videos. I started out with an insane goal of shooting a 120 mph slap shoot. Better to aim high. Yeah? Its a bit ambitious…



    I have shattered 3 panes of plexiglass with my shot. Below is the first and I amazingly caught it on camera. What are the odds????



    Below is my next day follow-up video.













    These photos I broke the second pane of plexiglass with a wrist shot from the blueline as I moved horizontally across the ice.








    Here I broke another one but with a snap shot. The puck grazed the crossbar.




    As you can see, I am serious about Mastery in my life. Its time you work on your Mastery in every area of your life. The good news is we will do it together.


    Get smashing!



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    The Ultimate You Process

    October 3rd, 2016

    Its a really simple process… not really.


    But it is a sequential process oh by golly fer sure. To get there take two rights and a left and ask for Bob. Would be super duper if it were this easy. I will do one better for you in the now of nows… I will distill it like a back woods Kentucky moonshiner but leave the cousins out of it.


    Looking back on my life and seeing the steps I chose to take in order to be the one I am today – a highly modified human being compared to the original one neatly delivered by The Stork –  I see a pattern or process I underwent. Its really quite comical NOW when I look with matured and experienced eyes, the struggles and difficulties encountered. They all seemed and felt so real and damning and dubious and disgusting. The amount of pain and torture inflicted was utterly cruel and I know you relate in your life and its particular, if not bespoke, life issues.


    We are so much alike.


    And if I rolled over to die failing to arise to the challenge, then I would have failed and died. Many have and it is understandable for their challenges in this lifetime are and were so much more terrible than mine. I empathize… it is something I do so very well.


    But I decided to stay and face the ugliness and took a beating… a certain level of beating for which I graduated well above to nestle in a place of Personal or Self-Mastery. I became the Ultimate Version of Me and I recommend you do the same. I’ll help.


    The breakdown or distillation is as follows and it is applicable to any lifetime or life-long challenge or any smaller one, perhaps a relationship or financial or health issue. You are in the sh*t because you are carrying around with you an incomplete equation… holding it like it it complete and when you “enter” the ring, the beating comes because you are ill-prepared to take on the reality of another’s well earned and polished ring or stadium of Mastery. You lack something; power, protection or leverage, experience, stamina, mental clarity or willpower. The bottom of the bottom lines is you lack KNOWLEDGE.


    Say it all together now class; “Yes Mr. Instructor and Master Knighton Warbeck. We all lack knowledge.”


    Excellent Mr. Burns!


    To gain the knowledge we must go through the gauntlet. This gauntlet is of course transformational and here is the process of acquiring the knowledge to be undoubtedly The Ultimate Version of Yourself.


    You have:


    Hidden Potential – something you don’t know you have

    Natural Talent – something you know you have

    Observed Talent – others recognize this in you or as you

    Lifetime Challenge – a problem or flaw you need to overcome

    Deficit – you overcompensate to make up for your weakness or lack

    Transformation – heat and pressure turn your coal into diamonds

    Refine – raw product (diamonds) is cut or faceted and polished

    Ultimate You – the finished process where you take the new “You” to market


    This is The Ultimate You Process.


    During this process you acquire knowledge or data. The reason for the pain and suffering is because you lack information, knowledge or “data”. You say to yourself and others, “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know the answers. I don’t have the solution.”


    And you are RIGHT!


    The problems or challenges are for you to acquire data. Seems we are withheld data or its what we are here to do – to get some. If we knew everything, how the hell can we pain and suffer? Am I right? So we must master the data gathering process. Recognize – Acquire – Acknowledge – Accept – Apply information or data. Why? To Know.


    First, we don’t know what the hell we are doing then after we get abused and fXXXed, we figure it out by becoming smarter or in the least, wiser. This is the normal route to acquire data.


    Its all so ridiculous.


    Your Bridge To Mastery will help to complete the incomplete equation and gives you that precious end result data, without going on through to the end result. It saves you from getting further unnecessarily abused and fXXXed.


    Isn’t that a good thing???




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    Your Bridge To Mastery

    September 25th, 2016


    We’ve been together for a while now. Some of you have been been in from the start and some, just in for a day or few days. Welcome to you whomever you are and for however long or short your arrival and stay.


    I have truly and sincerely enjoyed writing these posts; sharing my experiences in life, in business, and in personal life. Sharing the things that have touched my heart. Teaching things that have enriched my soul, and passing on things from my mentors that have forced me to grow and in all areas in my life.


    I started out in life with a challenge. This was a severe stutter at age 6. Along with this came shyness and a lack of confidence that plagued me in every area of my life well into my 30’s. By age 34 – some 28 years of living as a “professional” stutterer – my speech impediment subsided thanks to almost 3 decades of wishing and wanting, hoping and dreaming, praying and WORKING hard towards a life of normal speech and verbal expression. I then went on to do the impossible; I became a public speaker. I also went on to host my own radio show.


    I continued to do another impossibility; I became a consultant for a private network of global billionaires in my early 30s. I created my own unique consultancy and worked as an elite freelance consultant for 11+ years. I specialized in business rescue, recovery, efficiency and strategizing. I created almost impossible success for my clients and at times, defied the odds not just once but time and time again. 0-$300 million in sales in 2 years. 0-$340+ million company worth in 18 months. 0-400K in 4 months when bankruptcy was 30 days away, for example.


    I did the impossible in my mid-20s when I performed my first hands on healing in the hospital and didn’t know what I did or why I did what I didn’t know I did. His name was Henk and his wife looked at me with a combination of amazement and disbelief, and could only ask me, “What did you do? Who are you?”. Henk had fallen from his bed and badly cut his cheek on the way down to visit with the floor. I walked in as his wife and nurses were picking him up, rushed to help, and was asked to hold the bandage/gauze against his cheek to stop the bleeding from the deep laceration he suffered on the way down. When Henk was back firmly secured in his bed a few moments later, his wife Christine took over the duties of the bandage holding of Henk’s cheek, only to find the wound fully healed.


    I did more impossible healings but from afar, sometimes as far away as New Zealand. These were done by phone and some via Google Earth. Some were done alone using only my thoughts and the proper direction of my natural talent and ability to “change” things.


    I did the impossible in my late 20s when I performed my first exorcism on a house and surrounding property. “It” kept waking me up during the night until 3:30 am when I had enough. When I “got to work” getting the entity out of the house and into a “better place”, I found myself walking down the basement stairs only to find myself temporarily stupid. The entity momentarily wiped my memory clean. A prompt “RETREAT!” was ordered and there I was, about 8 steps backwards up onto the main floor, just a little intimidated and minutes later, with my competitiveness taking over, slightly frothing at the mouth ready to get back into the fight. It was yet another fight I won.


    I did the impossible at age 40 when I “healed” or changed a little boy’s health for the better in less than 3 seconds. He was the son of my then girlfriend’s friend. The boy was around 4 and my then girlfriend was in medical school studying to be a surgeon. She knew “about” me and told me of the boy’s sickness and out it came, “Two to three. He will be healed in 2-3.” Of course my gf was dangerously curious and asked what 2-3 meant. I told her 2-3 minutes or 2-3 days. Sure enough she called me in 2 days and just said, “You were right.” I then posed the future career ending question to her, “So the question is… did I know he would be okay in 2-3 days or did I heal him.” Shortly after we broke up with her citing she saw what I did, been witness to it first hand on more than one occasion, but was unable to believe any of it. I was the conflict with her current studies and future career as a surgeon and medical health care professional.


    Another one bites the dust.


    I did the impossible when at age 43, I had two conversations simultaneously with 2 boyfriends that had both taken their lives for different reasons. The woman sitting before me was suffering great pain, frustration and anguish not knowing why these men she loved so dearly, suddenly checked out, leaving her all alone and completely at a loss and for many years. The first man said it best with what he wrote on the whiteboard, making it so very easy and clear for me to convey back to Kelsey. To this day, I think not of a more rewarding 25 minutes in my life, to have been there and without planning or appointment, and did what would be considered impossible to so many yet so valuable to the few for whom know it to be so very possible.


    And to do this and so many other accomplishments without the graduation of high school along with the failing of Grade 12 math a total of 3 times… without post secondary education or any formal study or institutionalized learning… I have taken a different route and become what I never dreamed or imagined or believed was possible.


    I did another impossibility at age 19 when I crashed head first into a car door at 40 mph/60 kph on my motorcycle…. and survived. The doctors said it was a miracle I lived and said it was an even bigger miracle I was not paralyzed. Hospital staff rolled me off their premises in a wheelchair just hours after the smash n’ crash, and once at the car, I stood up to walk and I have always walked since. The priests all agreed; it was a miracle. They all said I was blessed, so very blessed. But I do not share such beliefs.


    I have a purpose. I am on a mission. I have a destiny and fate is steering my way through the thickness of Life, all for a definite reason. In an earlier post, I wrote about 2 goals I had when I was young and smack ugly-ducking dab in the meat of my stuttering. My first goal was to speak. My second goal was dependent upon the achievement of my first goal, and this was to build something. Didn’t know what… had no clue what I felt so inclined to build, only that I would build it. Some 35 years later, after decades of experiences and never ending life lessons, trials and tribulations, I know what this is. This thing is called “Your Bridge To Mastery”. Took me a while but it needed to be this way.


    This Bridge is about being the best you can be through development and understanding how Life actually works. Here is the breakdown of my Bridge or journey of Mastery:


    I was confronted by a challenge

    I underwent a transformation process

    I overcompensated for my weakness

    I gained knowledge, experiences and wisdom

    I then overcame my challenge

    I totally transformed my life in every way

    I accomplished the impossible

    I learned incredible secrets and uncovered truths

    I discovered how Life really works

    And my purpose is to Teach, Train, Instruct and Share it all


    I did this with help; help from many wise mentors and through a profound drive to be the best at something. But I also knew my destiny and thus, my life’s purpose. I knew this intuitively but didn’t have the exact direction until I discovered MY Bridge To My Mastery. Only then did it all become clear and has enabled me to proceed forward with great confidence and zest.


    My purpose is to teach, train, instruct and share what I learned over the course of my life that enabled me to become the Ultimate Version of Myself… a person who has done the impossible over and over again. The very best way I can teach, train, instruct and share my knowledge and experiences, is to start with “Your Bridge To Mastery”.


    I define Mastery as desiring a certain amount of power, strength and control in your life and over your life. What I learned most from my mentors and from my real life experiences in working with my clients and, in developing myself, is that life and events and experiences are all incomplete equations. We are where we are be it mentally, emotionally, health-wise and financially, for example, and we know this because it feels great and we are successful, or it sucks. Nobody needs to tell us this… its a bloody beautiful or bloody painful given. And of course we want more of the good and less of the bad. Doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, or if a part of you is good… it can always be better.


    And here is the kicker of the kicker’s kicker; if we have complete equations, life would be terribly boring. We would never discover or explore or chance and never feel a thrill or a rush. We would never APPRECIATE. The incomplete equations provide adventure and even terror and of course the necessity to love and feel love. Complete equations, to me, would be similar to life on Vulcan, even though logic drives the need to mentally complete incomplete equations. Get my drift???


    And guess what Kiddo? It is our job to complete each and every equation.


    Incomplete equations = lack of Mastery or less power, strength and control.

    Complete equations = greater Mastery or more power, strength and control.


    This is what I did for my clients and when “we” completed their incomplete equations or found the missing parts to their success formulas, the success encountered was and is simply hard to put into words. It was a literal magic show and we were all thoroughly entertained. The price of admission was trouble, problems, challenges and the unknown, all of which I identified and labelled not as problems, but as evolutionary processes of Mastery. These are processes that have a sequential order and, are itching to be brought to completion.


    To complete the many equations in your life we need to apply “Your Bridge To Mastery”. This Bridge completes the equation (covers or closes the distance or gap) and provides you with the missing data to the incomplete equation, that causes the LACK of Mastery or the lack of power, strength and control, in your Life… all 13 parts. We could say there are 13 Bridges To Your Mastery.


    The 13 Bridges Of Your Mastery are as follows:

    1. Overall Mastery
    2. Mental Mastery
    3. Emotional Mastery
    4. Energy or Willpower and Drive Mastery
    5. Financial Mastery
    6. Health Mastery
    7. Spirituality Mastery
    8. Idealistic Mastery
    9. Internal Challenge Mastery
    10. Success Mastery
    11. Societal Mastery
    12. Subconscious Mastery
    13. Destiny or Mastery of Your Life’s Purpose


    Want to have more Mastery in your relationships? Great! Do X.

    Want to have more financial Mastery? Great! Do Y.

    Want to have more Mastery with your health? Great! Do Z.


    This brings me to the next evolution of this blog – a paid membership site. This will be the starting point of offering the very best information, knowledge and wisdom of my 23+ year journey of becoming the Ultimate Version of Myself, on my way to Mastery, and the continuation of my life’s purpose after a long sabbatical from my career as an elite freelance consultant, to you.


    The paid membership site will be offered for a short time starting November 23rd, 2016. Details will be shared in the coming days.

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    The Importance of Mastery: Part 3

    September 13th, 2016

    And what information would Trump give me in order for me to attain financial Mastery or more financial Mastery in my life? His words would be very short, sweet and simple:


    “Knighton, you need to pay more attention to (financial) details. Also, you need to be an excellent conversationalist, a precise communicator. You need a definite or clear-cut purpose. Overcome your fears and avoid falling into arguments. Your financial success relies on your ability to develop a precise mind and one that identifies minute details and changes. For you its about precision. Don’t be sloppy. ” 


    And what information would Mr. X give me in order for me to attain overall Mastery in my life? His words would also be short, sweet and simple… even more powerful than Trump:


    “Knighton, you need to plan. You need to make plans. You need to organize your thoughts and ideas and strategies. This means being mentally constructive. Write them down on paper. Make lists, charts and diagrams. Turn a room in your home into a “War Room” and fill the walls with these lists and charts and diagrams.  You need to first build it in your mind and then execute these plans in the real world. There is so much information you have access to, so many experiences to pull from, and they need to be organized. If you don’t do this, you will be forever lost, swimming around in the sea of ideas in your mind.”


    Perhaps this is why I like the following quote so much:


    “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”





    When I discovered The Bridge to Mastery, my life changed… everything changed. Here is what happened and is why I said some kind of “Activation” takes place instantly.


    At the time I made this discovery, I was suffering from a severe lower back pull for just over a month. If you have ever had an unkind association to a lower back injury, you know it is debilitating. For 3 years I had been unable to install iTunes onto my main computer. Tried everything under the sun and just could not get it to install and I am no computer dummy. For over a year I was unable to install the latest version of Skype on my main computer also. Here are 3 events that were limiting me and causing substantial frustration.


    I then make the Bridge to Mastery (Mr. X’s words of wisdom) discovery. I simply think about this missing link. I think about the words. I think about it. I ponder it and let the information flow and seep into my thoughts, and then simulate the actions but going into the future and applying the words using my imagination.


    BAM! BOOM!! BINGO!!!


    And there I had it… the key missing link. It hit my chest like a shock wave and trickled all throughout my body. First there was a psychological effect, then an emotional effect, then physiological effect and they were all instant. I had a strong reaction to the information. And then the results came rolling in like the Ice Cream truck rolling in a sweltering neighborhood on a particular nasty hot summer day, all to the immature delight of children, kids, and rug rats of all ages, shapes and sizes.


    I had a sudden urge to twist my torso to the right while placing my left elbow on my right knee for leverage. While sitting in my office chair I felt and heard a loud “pop” or “crack”. It was my lower back and pelvis shifting. I experienced a tremendous release and relief of pain and discomfort. And there is was… I no longer had a pulled lower back. 5 trips to the chiropractor failed to grant me this.


    Then I had this “urge” again but to reinstall iTunes. This urge came from out of the blue. And because it was so odd – of the out of the blue type – I knew it had value and I followed this “intuitive” push. Within 10 minutes iTunes was installed on my computer. Just a few short minutes later, I had updated Skype to the most current version as well. In both instances of software installs, I KNEW EXACTLY what to do to correct the install issues that plagued and dumbfounded me for 3 years and 1 year respectively.


    The Bridge to Mastery information triggered workable solutions to issues that were limiting my progression, and when these solutions were easily applied, increased my power, strength and control (Mastery) in my life… instantly.


    I then began to plan very aggressively; really sort and track and organize and create lists and strategies for my goals, dreams, business, budgets, ideas, concepts and everything else and was met with a clarity, compounded with a super delicious confidence, I had been missing for a very long time. Up until this time I was keeping things between my ears and, was overwhelmed by such a stupidity.


    The Bridge to My Mastery did one really compelling thing… it squashed my pride. Pride got in the way of writing things down. I didn’t want to be “one of those people” who has to continually write everything down and have their life be all about lists. “Well guess what Knighty… perhaps these people are just like you and discovered what you just discovered, and now plan and organize and write lists as their main tool or Bridge to Mastery.”


    Really stupid of me… yeah?


    What was so very interesting for me was the fact that I had done this for clients for over a decade. This is what I do; translate intuitive solution images into workable plans and strategies for the purposes of business rescue, recovery, and efficiency. I am excellent at this. However, I did not do this for myself like I did with others. It was like I turned this off for myself but, thanks to the discovery, I turned it on for myself and changed my life instantly.


    The more organized I am the more power, strength and control I have in my life and over circumstances. I run at least 3 Plans (A, B and C) in all I do. I make incredible lists and love doing budget lists. The more planning I do the more flexibility I have and here is the key point to this; it enables me to keep the energy flowing or circulating thus, giving me OPTIONS. It makes me efficient. But even more than this, the flexibility and the options and the process of keeping my thoughts SEPARATE, makes and keeps me more CONNECTED to knowing/intuition or in short, the ultimate power one can have. It makes me better at what I do, and what I do and have done, is the reason your eyes are reading these words.



    End of Part 3

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