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Got er’ going way back in April of 2013. T’was the next step in my evolution in achieving personal and professional Mastery, and transforming into the Ultimate Version of myself.   Had to face a “fear” and did so with help and assistance and here I am 3 and a

Project 120 Mph

I failed to reach my potential as a hockey player when, for various reasons, I turned my back on a promising career as a professional hockey player at age 17.   It is my greatest regret.   I was engineered to play hockey. Size, strength, explosive power, lightning fast reflexes,

The Ultimate You Process

Its a really simple process… not really.   But it is a sequential process oh by golly fer sure. To get there take two rights and a left and ask for Bob. Would be super duper if it were this easy. I will do one better for you in the

Your Bridge To Mastery

  We’ve been together for a while now. Some of you have been been in from the start and some, just in for a day or few days. Welcome to you whomever you are and for however long or short your arrival and stay.   I have truly and sincerely

The Importance of Mastery: Part 3

And what information would Trump give me in order for me to attain financial Mastery or more financial Mastery in my life? His words would be very short, sweet and simple:   “Knighton, you need to pay more attention to (financial) details. Also, you need to be an excellent conversationalist,

The Importance of Mastery: Part 2

Before we get to the 13 bridges of Mastery, let us talk about “in the future”.   Let us use an example featuring a public figure whom most of us are aware of; Donald Trump.   We will no doubt recognize Trump as a Master of real estate but let

A Landline is Your Lifeline

Coming soon…

The Importance of Mastery: Part 1

You might have it in one or two areas of your life. It is possible you very well could have it in 3, and quite possibly for sure without a doubt, have it in 4 areas of your life. If you have it in 5 or more areas in your

The Relief Axiom

  Sometimes we need to state the obvious, due to intense genius or unmistakable stupidity. Sometimes we do this for the mere fact that humour or some animal of a moral support, breeds instant relief. And then we’d have it right there on the spot; a relieving relief Axiom.  

The Axiom of Understanding

Three people interact for any number of reasons.Two of the three are of an acquaintance or of a shared need or interest. After a brief or extended amount of time within this 3-way interaction, it is discovered, and by no measuremental institution or authority, by the 2-party’s own accord, that

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