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In  2017 we will be moving into a membership blog site. The reason? To fully maximize my ability to teach, train, instruct and share my knowledge amassed over a 23 year journey. It is time.


It is time for you to be better, do better, accomplish more and this begins with YOU.


You need more information to be the Ultimate Version of You. You need to add the missing links and complete the incomplete equations making up your life. You need more Mastery – we all need more Mastery. We need more power, strength and control in our lives and over situations that arise. What you need most is YOU. Why do I say this? Keep reading.


My very first spiritual teacher/mentor was a powerful woman named Kathleen. She showed me how to change traffic lights from red to green – my initial training. This was after two world shattering migraine headaches two days in a row. I was thrown from my Ivory Tower and onto her massage table. Little did I know what was about to happen next and how my life was to change forever. I was 21. She was quite the woman… highly intuitive (of course) and outwardly powerful with a level of Mastery I had never come across. She would make the dining room chandelier shake when visiting her in-laws for dinner, whom were devout Christians, instantly causing conflicts. Yup… I wanted some of that! … errr… not the conflicts but the ability to “change the nature and state” of things. Don’t be silly.


And it was she who gave me the best advice and guidance to date. He words were simple and at the time, misunderstood. It would take the test of time to comprehend the wisdom and power of her statement, and over 15 years of ludicrous experiences to absorb and realize their beauty.


“The only one you need is you.”


Brilliant Kathleen. Thank you so very much.


So we will begin with you and there is no better way than to complete your equations and INSTANTLY “get your Mastery on.”


Here is the delivery schedule (weekly) for premium content as a paid subscriber to Your Bridge To Mastery Membership Site:

  1. Each month we will address your Mastery and provide you with the exact information to cross the 13 Bridges to Your Mastery. We will begin with your Overall Mastery as written in a previous post. Simply read Your Bridge To Mastery each month, think about it, make the connection mentally and emotionally, and then physically apply the “recommendation”. Then observe how you obtain an increase in power, strength and control over life and the specific areas highlighted each month.. i.e. Mental, Health, Societal, Success, etc…
  2. I have been sitting on 13 Premium articles written over the last 5 years geared towards improving the quality of your life and overall Mastery. Each month one of these Premium articles will be released to you. They vary in length from 5 pages to more than 20 pages and are packed with tips, tricks and secretive  methods you can and should use (I have used them all) to increase your power, strength and control over your life. The first Premium article titled, “Really, Who Needs A Bulldozer” describes how I did the impossible for a client in desperate need in Singapore. She made a very bad financial decision to the tune of $500,000+ and “we” reversed it in 48 hours using “mental constructs” and proper use of timing.
  3. More interesting blog posts like the ones you have already read. I will continue on supplying more posts conveying my experiences with my mentors, my lessons learned working as an elite freelance consultant for 11+ years, and seemingly impossible revelations working as a “professional intuitive/psychic’ or one who specializing in “changing the state” of things.
  4. At the end of our 12 month journey, I will supply you with a very Special Bonus. The 13th Bridge to Your Mastery is actually the revelation of Your Destiny or Life’s Purpose. Not only will you come to the realization of your Life’s Purpose, but you will also know the steps to take to fulfill this Purpose or how to complete this equation. Your Bridge To Mastery provides you with custom tailored information relevant to you because we use your month and day of birth. Its the exact same method/precise system I used working as an elite freelance consultant using the birth dates of my client’s, their companies, campaign starts, mergers, and even extracting necessary data using a person’s or company’s name.


And that’s it. Premium content in the form of more great blog posts, specialized information in the form of expertly written educational and success geared articles, and the first ever 13 Step, Your Bridge To Mastery Trainings… the only one like it in the history of the world. Seriously… the only one! 🙂


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