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Bio: I help people to overcome their challenges and get through their blocks by Attuning, Synchronizing, and Harmonizing them with the Magical Flow of Life. I assist them to become more aware of their opportunities by developing their Intuition so they may find their voice, discover their Purpose, and live it with Confidence. I assist people in the planning their Life in rhythm with their natural cycles for every area of Life. I show you the Key Signposts on your own personal Road MAP where there are key moments to start new projects, relationships, make important changes, close much needed doors, sprout new ideas, and see them through to their highest success. I show you how to get the Maximum out of your Life by taking advantage of Key moments in your Life because you are in Rhythm and in Harmony with the Supportiveness of the Universe behind you. I put people like you on their road to Success, Fulfillment, Achievement & Growth. By showing you your Road MAP of Life and how to Flow with your own Natural Rhythms and Cycles of prosperity and abundance, you become Attuned and in Sync with the Magic of Life. I am able to assist you through a wide variety of Revolutionary Products and Unique Services all Tailored specifically to meet your Personal needs and Exceed your expectations. I overcame a 28 year battle with my greatest challenge and in the process I discovered the Magic of Life. I suffered from a horrible speech impediment called stuttering from the age of 6 to the age of 34. In order to survive and do my best to minimize the daily damaging effects of humiliation from not being able to express myself verbally, I created my own system of speech. I trained and developed and accessed different part of my brain, different parts of my heart, different parts of my will power, and of course my mind, to make it through Life and function like a normal person who has the gift of fluent speech. For 28 years I searched and searched and searched for the meaning of Life and the answers to win my war against my stuttering. I had only one true desire and goal in life and this was to be able to speak. What I discovered along the way I share with others such as this blog.

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