I am deeply sadened to report that Dave Corso, the founder of Wolf Spirit Radio and the producer of my radio show, has passed away. He left us on Sunday, July 27, 2014.

Dave, this video is for you...




Listen to Knighton on Wolf Spirit Radio.

Wolf Spirit Radio


Time: 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday of each month

11 am MST.


Show Length: 1 hour


Format: Listen and Call In (1-877-657-5973)


Past Show Topics:

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Power, Protection & Leverage

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The Silent Knight

Live Property Defrag Session

Thanking Those Who Have Helped & Impacted Your Life


This is a call in show. Knighton would very much like to hear your stories and interact with you by phone or the Chat Room.


April 13th, 2013: Intro Show

Knighton Warbeck Radio



Who is Knighton Warbeck and why is he on the radio? This introductory hour we will learn more about Knighton including his background and his mission statement. The show theme and items of discussion including future show topics, will be shared. It is an overall unique show where Knighton shares his wild to mild, crazy to impossible, and super strange to incredibly cool life experiences, and invites you the listener, to call in and comment, but more importantly, to share your unique life experiences as well. The Knighton Warbeck Radio show will be highly educational, intimately interactive and humorous, while you gain a better understanding of this thing called Life, in all it shades of madness, and, array of insanely deserving and undeserving events. Join Knighton as he teaches you about yourself, how Life really works, and most importantly, how to increase your inner knowing, to master the art and science of evolving into the most aware and capable being human. “Like Nothing You’ve Heard Before”. 



Knighton is a Timing Expert and Intuitive Coach. He assists people to develop, increase or enhance their intuitive abilities. He was a business strategist who now has a passion for applying his natural talents and skills in the direction of Attuning, Synchronizing, and Harmonizing people with the Magical Supportiveness of Life. 




Knighton possesses a fair amount of psychic ability developed over many years, that allows him to heal people from a distance, bless homes, property and businesses using his mind/will - often creating changes in a matter of minutes, see the roots of most problems and challenges while providing the solutions, and enriches the lives of people simply by following his Life's purpose. 


Knighton discovered his Life's purpose and did it the hard way. He overcame a 28 year battle with his greatest challenge, and in the process he discovered the Secret of Impossible Success, and, the Magic of Life. He suffered from a horrible speech impediment called stuttering. In order to survive and do his best to minimize the daily damaging effects of humiliation, from not being able to express himself verbally, he created his own system of speech. 



He trained and developed and accessed different part of his brain, different parts of his heart, different parts of his will power, and of course his mind, to make it through Life, and function like a normal person who has the gift of fluent speech. For 28 years he searched and searched and searched for the meaning of Life and the answers to win his war against stuttering. He had only one true desire and goal in life and this was to be able to speak. He now speaks fluently and incredibly enough, you can hear him speak on the Knighton Warbeck Radio show, as he shares what Life has taught him over his intensive 21 year spiritual journey, and 28 year journey to find his “voice”.